Kovan & Tommy Jayden Ft. Reece Lemonius – Summer Of Love (Remix Contest)[DEADLINE: 10/10/16]

Kovan & Tommy Jayden -­‐ Summer Of Love -­‐ Remix contest provided by IYB.

Rules :

-­‐ You have to use the Acapella to enter.

-­‐ You can use the chords inside the remix pack or create your own ones. -­‐ The submission deadline is at the 10th of October.


The top 3 will be anounced and uploaded at the 17th of October.

Upload your remix to Soundcloud as a public link

(download DISABLED) and use the artwork provided in the remix pack.

Send the private link of your remix to info@inyourbassment.com (download ENABLED) BEFORE the 10th of October.



-­‐ 1st: Solo release at IYB , Featured on the remix complication.

-­‐ 2nd: Featured on the remix complication.

-­‐ 3rd: Featured on the remix complication.



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